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king of the tyrannosaurs
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1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 10 things about themselves.
3. Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4. Choose the 10 people and put them on your journal.
5. Go to their page to inform them they are tagged.
6. Not something like "You are tagged if you read that."
7. You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
8. Tag backs are fine
9. You can't say you don't do tags.

The ten things:

1. I have a habit of making two or three mugs of tea for myself at once. And my mugs are not small.
2. Starting with Donald Duck and such, I've always loved comics. I sort of got out of it for a long while, but now I'm getting really into reading comics again.
3. I live very close to a cinema. Last year I went there 38 times, and saw 31 different movies. This year it's been just 7 times, 5 different movies.
4. Altough I did finish my graphic design school, I absolutely refuse to design anything for anyone. It makes me so anxious.
5. I like swearing. Not when every other word is a cuss word, but dropping one in every now and then is somewhat appealing to me. And Colin Firth saying 'fuck' is just the best.
6. My favourite movies include The Brothers Bloom, Beginners, In Bruges (wow that's a lot of B's) and of course the LotR trilogy, Star Wars saga and Marvel studios' movies.
7. Sure I help sweet old ladies and always appear to be in good mood when I talk to my social worker and shit, but I am, in fact, quite terrible with people.
8. I can't perform. Speaking in front of class wasn't a problem because I was always better than most of the little shits and I knew that. But I can't exercise in public, sing around friends, draw around people I consider to better than myself, or do pretty much anything else that could draw attention to me. Not that I've really been trying.
9. I am allergic to... something. I'm getting it tested soon. I'm guessing the test will show sensitivity to cats, dogs, hay, trees, sunshine, happiness, life... I also make bad jokes about my misery. It makes it bearable.
10. My new keyboard has an Fn button where Ctrl was in the old one and it's making me very confused. Also, I owe my dad like 800 dollars for this thing. Not the keyboard, the desktop it came with. Yeah, I've got a new computer. It's hella small, physically.

Questions from hae-ri who tagged me.

  • What was your childhood dream job? Is it still your dream job, or did you ”grow out” of it?

At one point I wanted to be a news presenter, and ten years later I wanted to direct movies and music videos. Totally not anymore.
  • Your favourite thing to eat?

Pizza, I guess. Or a pasta thing I just recently invented. Pancakes, ice cream... Pretty much anything but actually healthy stuff. Except totamoes. I love tomatoes.
  • What's your favourite piece of clothing you own?

My blanket. No really, it's the thing I wore the most this winter.
  • Favourite planet in the solar system?

I like Mercury a lot. It's so hot, and moonless. I also like Saturn, because it has... 62 moons I think. But I've always felt more connected to the smaller ones, the big gas planets have always given me sort of an evil vibe. Yes, Mercury is my favourite. But I quite like dear old Tellus too.
  • Do you work out or do you enjoy being a couch potato like me?

I wouldn't say I enjoy being a couch potato, but I definitely enjoy working out even less.
  • Have you ever had a celebrity crush?

Sure, a bunch! Chris Evan right now, thank you very much, Captain America.
  • Something you regret?

How about every decision I've ever made? Still none, strangely. I wish my mum didn't let me quit every hobby I ever started.
  • Has there been a moment in your life or a thing that has made you happier than you've ever been?

Gods no.
  • Are you worried about something right now?

How about everything? Mostly my weight, not my health because I seem to be fine. Well... My mental health. I'm worried I'll never get a real job. I'm worried about my brothers. I worry too much, that's my thing and I hate it.
  • Do you like superheroes? If yes, who is your favourite?

Oh boy do I love superheroes! Current favourites include Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers, duh), Spider-Woman and Wiccan. Also Scarlet Witch, Spider-Man, Wolverine and I'm quite fond of Luke Cage right now, too. And Bucky! And Doctor Strange! ...oh for fuck's sake. Carol is my favourite by far.

And no matter what the rules say, I don't think I'll be tagging 10 people. I'm bad like that.
No, actually it's just that getting this far took me what, a week?
  • Mood: Tense
  • Reading: Comics, including some Spidey & Jane Austen's Emma
  • Watching: Suburgatory later, when it's on...
  • Drinking: Tea

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